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What are PDO Threads?

PDO refers to polydioxanone, a polymer used in medical sutures. In a thread lift procedure, PDO threads are placed just beneath the surface of the skin with a cannula, the same flexible tool used to inject filler. The introduction of the threads to the skin causes neocollagenesis production in the area which leads to increased volume and firmness over time.   PDO threads have a high safety profile, complete absorption and minimal tissue reaction. The PDO thread generates tensing fibrosis in the surrounding tissue. The risk for scarring is absent when inserted correctly.   The effects of a thread lift are visible immediately and improve over several months. Results are not permanent but can last for up to two years. Downtime is minimal with PDO thread treatment and produces even better results when combined with other volumizing procedures.

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The following are the different type of threads we offer. Barbed, twists and smooth are used in the areas needed.


Barbed Thread

Barbed threads are used in the face, neck and body to help lift moderate sagging skin or reduce wrinkles.

Price Varies
smooth thread.png

Smooth Thread

Smooth threads are used to reduce creepy skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Can be used under the eye, around the eyes, lips to name a few to help build collagen in those areas as they dissolve.

Price Varies
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Twists Thread

Twists threads help replace volume loss in fine lines and wrinkles. Used typically above eyebrow to help give an "Eyebrow" lift. 

Price Varies

Before & Afters

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