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Eyebrow Hair Removal

Achieve Flawless Brows and Skin with Expert Waxing Services at Revive IV Therapy & Med Spa

At Revive IV Therapy & Med Spa, located in the serene Cottonwood and the Sedona Verde Valley, we offer a suite of waxing and brow services designed to refine your natural beauty. From Brow Lamination, which restructures your brows to give them a fuller, more uniform look, to Tint & Wax, perfect for enhancing and defining the natural shape of your brows, our treatments are crafted to perfection.

Brow and Waxing Services

Our specialized Brow Lamination service works to control and manipulate hair direction to create volume and fullness, while our Tint & Wax service provides a harmonious brow color that complements your skin tone, coupled with waxing for precise brow definition. Our expert estheticians also offer Brow Shaping to create the perfect arch that frames your eyes and accentuates your facial features.

Comprehensive Waxing for Smooth, Silken Skin


Our waxing services cater to all your needs, offering a smooth finish for every area. With gentle yet effective techniques, our range of waxing treatments includes options for the face, including lip and chin, as well as for the body, such as underarms, legs, arms, chest, and back. Each session is conducted with the utmost care, ensuring a comfortable experience and leaving your skin exquisitely soft.

Reserve Your Beauty Experience


Discover the art of precision waxing and bespoke brow services at Revive IV Therapy & Med Spa. Our team is ready to provide you with a personalized beauty experience that promises impeccable results. Book your appointment today and let us reveal your best self, with expert care that stands out in Cottonwood and the Sedona Verde Valley.

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